How do I unlink my channel from the network?

To be considered for termination you can apply at https://www.youtube.com/features. We process unlink requests on a case-by-case basis, which means termination is not guaranteed. It is also very unlikely that we will terminate your partnership unless there is some sort of breach of contract by either party. This is also explained in the 2-year contract that you signed during the sign-up process. 

If you do not want your contract to renew you must request to unlink your channel at https://www.youtube.com/features (Click request to unlink under “AwesomenessTV Network”) within the 30 days before your contract expiration date.

Remember that it is your responsibility to do in-depth research before linking your channel with any MCN.

We love getting feedback from you guys. If you have some suggestions for how we can do things better, please email us at support@awesomenesstv.zendesk.com.

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