What happens if I use copyright-protected materials?

When any of our partners upload content to their YouTube channel that conflicts with another entity's copyright ownership, our system will flag these channels. When this happens, we are required to review these channels and withhold earnings until further notice. 

This prevents you from receiving a copyright strike on your video, which will put you in bad standing with YouTube, and our network.

Keep in mind that even if you delete videos from your channel, we are able to gather a certain amount of data about those videos and can determine if it was original content or copyright-protected materials you did not own. Merely deleting the videos does not remove the entire record of what has been uploaded to your channel.

If you have received permission from the copyright owner to reuse certain materials and want to dispute the status of your channel, you can email us at support@awesomenesstv.zendesk.com with the proof of permission from the copyright owner. Please include a link to your channel in your message.

Please note, we do not support channels that upload unoriginal content. Uploading unoriginal content violates the contract terms and YouTube's terms of service, and we take it very seriously. If we believe a channel is knowingly uploading copyright-protected materials they do not have permission to reuse, we reserve the right to put that channel's earnings on hold until further review. Even if the channel has not received any copyright strikes and even if your channel is in good standing, payment is made at our sole discretion. 

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