When do I get paid?

The $50 threshold 

Currently you must earn a a minimum of $50 in order to be paid out your earnings. If you have not hit the $50 threshold, your earnings will roll over month-to-month until you reach it. At which you will be paid your earnings the month following the month in which you crossed the threshold. You can always see how much money your channel has made at www.youtube.com/analytics. However, please remember that your Analytics section will NOT display the revenue share that we collect per the agreement that you sign upon partnering your channel with our network.

How far after the month's end do I get those earnings?

We pay out at the end of the following month. So how this works is: For the month of June, you would get paid around the end of July (or within the first week of August at the very latest). 

If you receive any copyright strikes on your channel, we reserve the right to turn off your monetization and withhold your earnings until further notice. You will also be unable to monetize future uploads after receiving a copyright strike. As a courtesy we will not terminate you from the network until you receive two copyright strikes or more.

Our system also flags channels who have uploaded potentially copyright-protected materials to their channel. To dispute this you can provide proof of permission to reuse that copyright-protected material to support@awesomenesstv.zendesk.com

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