What is the AwesomenessTV network payment policy?

When anyone in our network makes money from running advertisements against their videos, this ad revenue comes to AwesomenessTV directly from YouTube. 

Here is our payment policy:

We pay partners for their monthly earnings. In order to get paid, you must first reach a threshold of $145 (total earnings in a month) so that we can pay you. If you have not been paid, check your earnings in your YouTube analytics. If might be that you haven’t made $145 yet. If you haven't reached the threshold, we roll over your earnings and once you cross the $145 you will get paid that month. Upon leaving the network, all channels will receive payment regardless of the balance.

When do we pay?

We pay out at the end of the following month. So how this works is: For the month of June, you would get paid around the end of July (or within the first week of August at the latest). 

If you receive any copyright strikes on your channel, we reserve the right to turn off your monetization and withhold your earnings until further notice. You will also be unable to monetize future uploads after receiving a copyright strike. As a courtesy we will not terminate you from the network until you receive two copyright strikes or more.

Where do we send payments?

We send payments via PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check, or Wire Transfer, so double check that your PayPal account is in good standing and connected to a valid email address that you check regularly (if you decide to use PayPal as your payment method).  

Your PayPal email address needs to be accurate in our system so that we can send you payment. To make sure that it is valid log in to the AwesomenessTV dashboard and go to Profile > account settings. You can also update your payment method here if you prefer not to use PayPal as your payment method.

If you are uploading any unoriginal content onto your YouTube channel that may potentially infringing on a copyright owner's rights, and violating YouTube's terms of service we reserve the right to put your account under review and withhold funds until further notice.

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    How will my money be sent if I do not have a via paypal?

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    Saidee Lee

    How are smaller channels going to be affected now with the new monetization process on YouTube

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