How can I grow my channel?

We’re so glad to hear that you want to grow your channel! First, we suggest that you join the community forum at http://community.awesomenesstvnetwork.com/ to meet other people in the network, set up collaborations, ask questions and share your videos!

Here’s some quick advice on how to make you channel more attractive to viewers:

  1. Make the first 15 seconds of your video particularly awesome! People decide really quickly if they want to watch you video or not. If they like what they see, they’ll keep watching. The longer your retention time, the higher your videos will rank in the search results.
  2. Keep ‘em short and sweet. While this depends on your subject matter, usually videos less than 5 minutes in total do better than longer ones. Not always but most of the time.
  3. Stay consistent: post videos regularly, at least once a week. Promise your fans something and make sure to deliver!
  4. Try to focus your videos. People like to know what they’re going to see; that’s what gets people to subscribe. A lot of YouTube stars focus on one thing: beauty, fashion, sports, comedy, gaming, etc. It helps them build an audience because viewers know they will always see something they like. But even if your channel is not hyper-focused on one thing, try to make your videos focused on one subject and one subject only.

This YouTube playlist is a great resource for video tips and tutorials.

Have more questions? Email us at growth@awesomenesstv.zendesk.com!

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