What happens if I receive a copyright strike?

If you receive any copyright strikes your YouTube account will be in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube and AwesomenessTV network features.

If you receive one copyright strike, we will turn off your monetization and you will not be able to monetize any future uploads. We also have the option to terminate you from our network if we deem necessary. If you receive two copyright strikes we will withhold all payment and terminate you from the network. If you receive three copyright strikes your YouTube account will be suspended by YouTube.

If you want to use something in your video but are unsure whether it is copyright protected or fair use, you can always email us at support@awesomenesstv.zendesk.com for a professional opinion. We will do our best to help you troubleshoot, but are not liable for any resulting disputes or strikes as a result. Remember, the best way to get answers is to conduct in-depth research yourself. A few Google searches should tell you who owns the copyright to what.

For more information about copyright issues and how to avoid these issues you can visit the YouTube help center.

If you feel you have received a copyright strike in error, you can review the available options to get the strike removed at the YouTube help center.


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