New Partnership with Epidemic Sound!

Congratulations! Your partnership with AwesomenessTV now gives you access to the BEST music and sound library available to YouTube creators!


Epidemic Sound is the largest, and fastest growing, "non-collected" production music library in the world. The music library is filled with +25,000 unique, high quality tracks and sound effects created by composers from across the globe and used by some of the world's largest production companies, TV networks and online video creators. 

Music copyright laws can be a hassle for publishers like you. Epidemic Sound is the only true royalty free production music library. All of the videos that you create for your YouTube channel with music from Epidemic Sound’s library can be shown in any country – forever. You will never again risk being blocked or muted because of the music in your videos! All videos uploaded during your partnership are cleared in perpetuity, even if you decide to leave the network one day.
The music library is available online, accessible at any time, wherever you are. Once you're logged in, explore the tutorial on the right hand side to learn about all the features Epidemic offers.
If you have any questions please contact Epidemic Sound: hello@epidemicsound.com
Check out this awesome video which shows how easy it is to use!

How Do I get Started?
Just click on the "Sound Library" link in the ATV dashboard. Then, log-in with your YouTube credentials. Once you're in, just download the song and you're good to go!

Do I have to pay for the production music from Epidemic Sound that I use in my videos?
No, ATV has an agreement with Epidemic Sound that gives all partners free access to include music from Epidemic Sound in all videos created for the purpose of being uploaded on your ATV partner channel.

Where do I find the license agreement?
All videos published on your channel are cleared by the agreement between ATV and Epidemic Sound. You don’t need to add anything to your cart or purchase a separate license just download and start creating!

What if I want to use the music outside my YouTube channel?
Please contact you partner manager or Epidemic Sound on below email address for assistance.

How do I give credit?
To credit Epidemic Sound include the following in your video description:
“Music from Epidemicsound.com”

What happens if I decide to leave ATV one day?
All videos uploaded during your partnership are cleared in perpetuity.

Live streams
if you work with live streams, we recommend that you wait 7 days until you use our music. Whitelisting your channel may take a few days and we don’t want to risk any interruptions in your live stream.

Contact Epidemic Sound
If you have any questions please just send us an email to: hello@epidemicsound.com
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